Gerry Rhodes

Gerry Rhodes
Gerry Rhodes
Pitney Bowes

New Albany, OH  43054

Equipment, Software
Celebrating its 95th year of innovation, Pitney Bowes is a $5.6 billion company that employs 33,000 worldwide and provides software, hardware and services that integrate physical and digital communications channels.

Long known for making its customers more productive, Pitney Bowes is increasingly helping other companies grow their business. Every connection is a new opportunity™.

Our Business: New lines of business including location intelligence, marketing services and eco-wise mail are fueling our growth in 2008 and beyond.

Corporate Responsibility: As a company driven by core values, our employees demonstrate a commitment to our customers, our community and our planet in every facet of our operation.

Insights & Innovation: We provide our customers the know-how and tools they need to keep pace in a quickly-evolving marketplace.

Leadership & Governance: We are proud of our track record of creating or exceeding industry norms in our businesses practices and corporate governance.
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